Funny Mad Racing Game

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Funny Mad Racing Game is a hilarious and chaotic racing game where you can compete with your friends or random players online. You can choose from a variety of crazy vehicles, such as a banana car, a flying saucer, or a giant hamster ball. You can also customize your driver with funny outfits and accessories, such as a clown nose, a pirate hat, or a unicorn horn. The game features different modes and maps, such as a demolition derby, a stunt arena, or a lava lake. You can use power-ups and weapons to sabotage your opponents, such as rockets, mines, or pies. The game has realistic physics and graphics, but also a lot of humor and surprises. You will never get bored of this game, as every race is different and unpredictable. Funny Mad Racing Game is the perfect game for anyone who loves racing, comedy, and chaos.

Player 1 W A S D Player 2 ARROW KEYS


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